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Mercy Center

MTÜ Virumaa Heategevuskeskus, or Mercy Center has been working officially since July 1998. For years many educational, children’s and medical institutions and also inhabitants of communal houses, invalids, and homeless people have felt and estimated the necessity and importance of Mercy Center.

Opportunities for multilateral development of young people beyond the school program, work, home, and street became the main purpose of Mercy Center. In accordance with the national youth center’s program and development plans in work with youth in Ida-Virumaa region and guided by youth politics of Narva town, Mercy Center has created a daily all-the-year-round Public Youth Center for children from risk group in one of the most unfavorable parts of the town.

Mercy Center has lots of active and various activities. The children from poverty-stricken families are not able to organize their spare time, to develop their talents, to attend clubs by interest because of shortage of „free” money. Teenagers from risk group do not have an opportunity to have holiday in summer camps or to get somewhere outside the town; they have less knowledge about Estonia.